Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A View from The Inside - Independence Day 2014 Celebrations in Model Town

An empty road which is normally busy even on weekends

It all started when I was going to my office as usual on 7th of August. Near Faisal Town u turn, I saw large containers on a six lane road in front of our block. It was a sight that was not too pleasant but not too shocking due to the ongoing political scene at Minhaj ul Quran. I reached office, talked to the colleagues that it was not that bad and had the same observation on my way back. But later that day, containers started pouring in.

Container blocking beside PACE, near Model Town Link Road

Container blocking beside Subway Faisal Town
It was still okay when I left, the next day. I and my friends went for after work lunch at KFC and I was excited about the weekend. On my way back I was caught up by a container on a small lane. Roaming around anxiously I realized that none of the roads or lanes that lead to my home were "container less". Before I was just about to panic, I somehow found a way around all these crappy containers. And before I could enter my block, a hyper policeman asked me rudely why I was there and if I had an ID card. To put it mildly, it ruined my day! 

Independence Day Preps - Flag stalls near Faisal Town
That whole weekend the containers kept fully blocking most of Model Town and all of Faisal Town. Not a single vehicle was allowed to leave or enter this area. The freedom that we had taken for granted was gone. I had never felt more suffocated before. On Monday, a small way was given beside a container for people to go to their workplaces but it was sealed in the evening again. On Tuesday the area was again fully sealed at around 11AM and again was opened somewhere around 6PM. Some people called it a form of house arrest but it was one of its kind.

Independence Day Preps - Flag stalls near Faisal Town

Now it is about to be one complete week of this stinking situation but things seem to be getting worse as 14th approaches. Now we can only hope that the air clears out and the clouds of aggression and confrontation leave. The people who live here are peace loving and want their old neighborhood back real bad. I hope PTI, PAT, PMLN, JI  and PPP all come to a democratic solution to this and nothing is lost before it's too late.

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  1. All a person like me can offer is a hop and prayer for the people of your surroundings, after having an insight from a resident of this nowadays rattled neighborhood. Which is usually one of the most beautiful and calm localities in Lahore.

    1. Yes, It is a strange and depressing independence day for the people of Faisal and model towns. The situation is still uncertain and thousands of people are kept hostage here.


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