Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Degraded standard of Heng Chang Lahore, Latest Review

The last weekend, me and my family were looking for a Chinese restaurant to have dinner in an elegant and peaceful environment, with top quality food, which is a prerequisite set by every Lahori. I recalled going to Heng Chang once which is opposite to Xinhua Mall in Gulberg and above The Grill, so we decided to go there. 

We reached there expecting to sit in the cozy seating we had enjoyed a couple of years back. But we were told that that part of the dining hall was not available, though it seemed functional and fully vacant to us. Anyways, we got seated and ordered common dishes.

We had an earlier impression about the food to be excellent but now we were about to face something different. Out of five dishes including the soup, only two were good and the rest were below normal.

The complementary fish crackers were half-cooked and chewy. And to make things worse, it was random. You are happy at one cracker and it gives you a pleasing crack suddenly the next one gets smudged into your teeth, not wanting to come out, but by force. And since it was the start of meal - there goes the mood.

The soup had an odd texture to it, the eggs being too finely and thoroughly mixed with the soup. Well, the soup was barely visible beneath the eggs. It made me uncomfortable and I couldn't give it the "touch of the restaurant" leverage. Moreover I had to develop the flavor myself using the sauces, while I seldom use them elsewhere.

Chicken Manchurian was too dark, too red and too sour for a Manchurian, and the chicken, well it didn't look like one at all because of the shape of pieces of meat. Actually we did spend some time speculating what it was. The chicken was chewy maybe because it was overcooked or it was of bad quality. The consistency was just okay but the taste was weird. 
We love fried noodles based American chopsuey, usually, but this one did good effort to make us rethink our favorites. The noodles were hard and maybe I lost more energy chewing them than that gained by eating them.

The chicken fried rice and Kung-Pao chicken were better so these dishes saved the day. All in all it could be a good experience if, A) the prices were low or even normal, and B) if my stomach had been okay afterwards, which it was not!

The ambiance, if you leave out the seating, is good, adequately spaced tables and nice interior. Unlike other busy places, it was quiet and peaceful. Maybe because its location is not too obvious.

So if I'm looking for a quiet place alone it may be an option (yeah right), but I wouldn't order food there!

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Disclaimer: I write the following as a consumer, only to spread awareness amongst other consumers and hopefully for the people at Heng Chang to improve things as they charge for professional excellence besides food. I do not intend to harm its reputation rather just share my experiences in a critical manner.

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