Saturday, September 6, 2014

Barcelos Lahore, A Nice Restaurant

I had the chance to visit a latest addition to the Lahori restaurant arena, the Barcelos. I will give a detailed review of my findings and experience.

First Impression - Elegant Facade (5 out of 5)

Barcelos is located on main boulevard Gulberg, near Readings and adjacent to Mall-1. The location is unique but great for a restaurant as it is too prized for one and mostly you see banks or shopping malls there.

The first thing you notice is the parking, the facade is broad and allows many cars to be parked without hassle. It is refreshing to see that as opposed to most jam-packed parking lots these days. Valet parking is also offered though. 

Modern Interior (4 out of 5)

As you enter the premises you notice a spacious modern interior partitioned into dining halls and very well lit interior. It is well decorated and provides a variety of seating styles and spaces. Sofas and chairs both are nice and cozy. The walls have a variety of decorations that are all pleasing to the eyes.

The whole restaurant has brown/wood colored theme which I always like. At one spot they have even used wood logs to create a nice corner. Lights are especially carefully chosen and placed all over to give a soothing yet bright interior that does not hurt the eyes. Lamps are placed over each table that accentuates the food and makes it more appealing.

Familiar Menu (5 out of 5)

The menu contents are familiar because it's more or less that of Nando's. The menu is one page, brief and to the point. I like this style as flipping out pages confuses me and I get bored by this sometimes. The prices are reasonable and clearly mentioned for each variant of a dish. Choices are appropriate and diverse for different requirements.

One thing I noticed that the side orders are not properly mentioned with Portuguese Classics, the line "Served with the side of your choice" should have been placed after the dishes and not on top as I missed that one. And neither did the waiter bothered to ask and brought rice which I don't prefer to eat.

Excellent Food (5 out of 5)

We ordered Trinchado, Agitar-Fritar, Twin Peri Peri Chicken Kebab, some flame grilled Barcelos Signature chicken and Brownie Ala Mode for desert (avoided Espetada to concentrate on taste only). The quantities are normal given the low prices and the quality was remarkable. I tasted all of them and all in all the food was perfect.


Trinchado's curry was delicious. The over powering sour flavor with the aroma of spices was alluring. The combination tasted great with the side order of rice. The rice were well cooked but the color of rice was slightly strong in my opinion, but still ignorable.


There was nothing much to notice but a great flavor of vegetables mixed with meat. Meat pieces were bite sized but graciously big so that one enjoys it fully. The rice seemed to be the same as those of side order. 

You do get a feeling of repetition as the chicken and the rice used in all dishes appear to be the same, BUT, one has to think deeper for subtle differences in taste. That is achieved by a variety of spices and combinations of vegetables and herbs.

Peri Peri Chicken and Twin Kebabs

The chicken was delicious and my friends found it better than that of Nando's. Perhaps they have been operating here for so long that they need an uplift. The twin Kebabs were great in flavor and presentation.

Good Service (4 out of 5)

The service was generally good. Too many waiters all sturdy and alert to answer any call. You do notice them crowding at the restaurant reception sometimes though but as soon as you are seated, that's no problem.

Barcelos Signature Chicken

Attractive Prices (5 out of 5)

The prices are great as you may notice yourself on the menu. If you are a khaba kind of guy or in the mood for one, you may think the prices are high given the quantity. Otherwise consider it's a delicacy and you do enjoy the flavor. The prices don't include taxes so the final bill will be more than that mentioned.

Free Refills, yay!

Best of all you can get as many drink refills as you like. That's a plus plus for me.

Overall a great place

The overall impression of Barcelos is that it is a bigger and better Nando's. If you like South African cuisine, you'll love Barcelos and if not you will become a fan of it. Since Barcelos is an international chain and known to be a competitor of Nando's I think they have done a great job putting it all together.

Brownie Ala Mode

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