Friday, September 5, 2014

Worst rain in decades in Lahore and other cities, Calamity proneness exposed

A Tree Fallen on Electric Wires
The city of Lahore witnessed the worst rains in decades. Continuous heavy rains started on 3rd September and continued to scare the citizens of Pakistan for two days. At first we saw the streets and lanes get flooded and soon it was all over the road network. The six lane roads started to flood with water splashing with cars and vehicles eager to reach their destinations. We also saw water gushing down toward adjoining roads at lower level. 

Rain on Cavalry Ground Bridge
The rain was so heavy, while I was driving today near Walton Road, that the car wipers at full speed could not clear the wind screen, and it was very hard to drive due to low visibility. There were people on the roads walking through water to their destinations as public transport became rare. Cars were seen broken down and not starting up. Many people even left them on the road with hazard lights on and went away as nothing could be done. While some poor fellows were pushing them to a place for repair being drenched in water themselves. I was in suspense of my car collapsing anywhere as it swung left right by water waves made by trucks and buses.  

A Flooded Street
I kept my fingers crossed the whole time till I got home. It was not a pleasant site at all as usually we enjoy rain in Lahore. The sad part is that I could not see any governmental vehicles or personnel trying to keep the roads from becoming rivers. Maybe they were busy where the rain was even heavier and the situation much worse. Anyways I witnessed a number of fallen down trees too. Not to mention the devastating news in channels and newspapers of deaths due to horrific rains. The government announced a holiday in schools and colleges on 6th, earlier today due to bad weather situation. Flood warnings are also issued throughout  Punjab. One bad news after the other since the start of this political unrest in Pakistan. May all this end to a new and pleasant start and I hope everyone remains safe for the time to come.

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