Saturday, December 27, 2014

3 Step Problem Fix/Solution for Continuous Mozilla Firefox Freezing

An annoying problem with Firefox

Image By Sean Martell for Mozilla,
via Wikimedia Commons
Recently I experienced an annoying problem with Mozilla Firefox which has been my favorite browser for a long time. Page scrolling turned into a nightmare (and for doing anything else for that matter). It can be very frustrating I can tell you that. So I thought I should share with everyone how I solved this problem.

Problem Symptom:

Continuously, after a fixed time interval, the browser freezes/becomes unresponsive momentarily, and then becomes responsive again. This problem is not present at fresh start but happens when many tabs are open.


Problem Solution:

How I managed to troubleshoot this problem is explained using the following steps:


Step 1:

Open a new tab/window. Type "about:config" in the URL box and press enter. Press the "I'll be careful, I promise" button.
Step1 - Open the Firefox advanced configuration window
Step1 - Open the Firefox advanced configuration window

Step 2:

Press Ctrl+F keys and type some keyword like background to find or locate the preference "dom.min_background_timeout_value".
Step2 - Locate the preference dom.min_background_timeout_value
Step2 -Locate the preference dom.min_background_timeout_value

Step 3:

Double click the preference name to open up the dialogue box "Enter Integer Value" and change the previous value (which will be y default less than 1000) to a very large value, lets say 1000000. Press the Enter key or click the Ok button to save the value. Close the window and you are done.
Step3 - Increase the timeout to a large value
Step3 - Increase the timeout to a large value

I hope it solves the problem as I am again happy with Firefox and things are back to normal for me.

Thanks for reading this post. Please comment below for anything you might want to add for the benefit of others.

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  1. this seems to have solved my similar problem, which was making firefox 34+ almost unusable. thank you for taking the time and effort to help others. i will look through some of your other posts.


    1. Thanks Karen, I'm glad this post was useful to you and I hope the problem doesn't arise again.

  2. Thank you for this! FF had become quite aggravating

    1. By the way, landed here from post #10 here:
      Got to that page from google search

  3. It seems to have worked for my firefox 35 0 1.
    In the past 24. I have been putting up with "Firefox not responding" messages for the last six months with all the latest versions installed, and this one simple tweak seems to have fixed it. Are the Firefox people asleep at the switch?

    1. I think Firefox is a good browser but since so many new websites are being developed by millions of people around the globe, conflicts arise faster than their remedies. But I'm glad I figured out this solution and so many people got benefited.

  4. I was almost ready to ditch firefox when I read your note and tried it. Thank you so much.


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