Thursday, January 1, 2015

LCB Public Library Lahore - A Discovery Worth Sharing

A while ago, I was desperately finding a place near my office where I could spend some time in a peaceful atmosphere. To read, research problem solutions and work on ideas that had fascinated me and kept me going through my boring routine. One fine day, a friend mentioned a new library called LCB Public Library (LCB short for Lahore Cantonment Board). It is located on Sarwar Road, near Saddar Cantt. Lahore. After the usual procrastination of some days I decided to pay the place a visit. As reported, It was close to our office.


Lahore has been the academic hub of Pakistan for a long time. Being one of the oldest cities of this region, education naturally made its way into the lives of its inhabitants and became a part of its culture. That is also reflected by the large number of public libraries in Lahore. The history of some of these libraries goes way back in time. Lahore is blessed to have so many great philosophers, scholars and poets like Iqbal, Faiz, Faraz and so many others. I admire the thoughts and work of these exceptional people and feel proud to hail from this city myself. These people spent most of their lives in this historical city and have been associated these public libraries.


LCB Library is a small and elegant addition to public places of Lahore. It has a small building which is situated inside a park called "Gol Bagh". The park has a jogging track too where you can see some people every evening enjoying their daily exercise. It has lawn tennis and badminton courts which are mostly occupied by players. The library remains open till 8 at night and accordingly adequate lighting is provided all around.

Interior and Services 

The interior is very nice. Frankly, I was not expecting to see such a tastefully decorated place in that vicinity. The construction, the pictures on the walls the clocks etc. are all elegant. The furniture quality is premium so one feels comfortable spending hours at a stretch. The space inside is compact but that is not a problem as the racks and tables are properly arranged. Few members and even less visitors make it ideal for anyone to hang out there for long durations. The library offers some small rooms labelled as discussion or research rooms. There are several latest branded computers placed on partitioned tables on the first floor that allow for reading while using computers. WiFi internet facility is also offered to library members.

Books and reading material

The books that are available are mostly related to Urdu and English literature, social issues, social sciences, Pakistan and international issues, current affairs, autobiographies, novels, law, history, philosophy etc. Moreover magazines, maps, atlases etc. are also available. Though a person with diverse reading habits may not find many books of his choice but the management is always willing to order books on the demand of its members. 


The membership fee is moderate given the facilities offered. It mostly consists of a refundable security which was around 3000 Pkr when I inquired. The monthly fee at that time was 300 Pkr which can be submitted monthly or yearly. The students also get a good discount by showing there id.

All in all the I like the library very much and I hope it stays the way it is for the time to come and be beneficial for the students and anyone in general.


  1. Does this library allow the people to take their personal books with them and study?

    1. people study there with their books all the time, not sure of their rules though


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