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Visit to The Bagel Bar - A Review

It was a quick respite from a shopping trip, when we were making up mind to have dinner at Pompei or not, when we saw "The Bagel Bar". Having had a sumptuous iftar a short while ago it seemed a good idea to go to a cafe rather than a restaurant. So we decided to crash there for a while.
photo credit: Raisin Bagel via photopin (license)
Just like other new sprawling cafes and their ambiance and mood, we found a bit of "hi-fi youth". I infer that by their dressing sense, scholarly looks, and contented simpers. Girls and boys chatting cheerfully over snacks, coffee and desserts. 

With all that going on, we reached with our kids who were in a sugar rush mode, but that also didn't spoil the fun of others as almost everyone in the hall left shortly. Not for us but because they were done with the food and surprisingly all went to the tables in adjacent open air area - for a smoke! Well it worked fine for us as now our kids had more room to play and to run around. 

The service is provided by waitresses, very well groomed and courteous, which is a major plus. So we got a menu and ordered a brief menu of a Frappuccino, a regular tea, some waffles, and some French fries for the kids. We were looking for a fresh prepared dessert like the molten lava cake but they said it was not available and we'll have to go with the cake slices, bagels or waffles.

We were not in the mood for bagels, so it was out. The cake slices are served with fresh cream but we were looking for something with ice cream. So ended up with waffles, which were nice, served along molten chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It was great overall, when tasted as a chocolate, ice cream, waffle combo. The waffles were sweet, with a subtle hint of cinnamon, and a slight crisp on surface. 

photo credit: Waffles via photopin (license)
I was not fully satisfied with the Frapuccino as I like it strong but it was a bit bland, as if ice was added to it or water content was a bit more than needed. Well the cream always helps get over the blandness which it did. The tea, again is a simple but difficult to perfect item and when it was served with liquid milk, again couldn't come up with the color or flavor which was a turn off. But as usual upon request, we got dry milk which was delivered courteously. 

Courtesy is all that is needed to overshadow the imperfection in anything. Perhaps I value it too much because I'm not the bossy type that likes insulting poor waiters for petty issues. And I do have come across places where waiters become inconsiderate in response to politeness and there's nothing done by their management to groom them in this regard.

The ambiance is very nice and spacious, the cleanliness assured too. The prices, well a bit on the higher side but in the reasonable range. The food, good, the service, very good. The menu is quite diverse, from baked products to burgers (which I will try next time) and desserts. So all in all its a great place to be for casual visit, or even plan a party with friends or family. I hope you enjoyed reading.

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