Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Create an SEO friendly Blog or Website in 5 Minutes, tutorial

  1. Open the web address "www.blogger.com"
  2. Sign-in with your Gmail id. 

  3. Start a "New Blog"
  4. Give a title of your choice which should be unique and interesting, e.g. "Egg Recipes"
  5. Choose a URL related to your title, e.g. "eggrecipes.blogspot.com". Check for availability and retry if unavailable.
  6. Choose an appropriate theme and create the blog.
  7. From the main console select a "New Post".
  8. In the editing window, start writing a new post which should be relevant to the blog.
  9. Give the post a relevant and concise title. And fill in some content.
  10. Choose and apply appropriate "Labels" or keywords to help improve search engine results.

  11. Choose and apply a custom or automatic "Permalink", e.g. "cheesy-omelet".
  12. Choose and apply an appropriate Location which is relevant to the post.
  13. "Publish" the post.

  14. Go to google.com and search for "google console crawl URL"
  15. Select and go to the first search result.
  16. In the URL, enter your URL, e.g. "eggrecipes.blogspot.com " and click "Submit Request".
  17. Go to google.com and search for some keywords from your post. Look to see where your blog post appears in the search results.

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